Start Supportive Mental Health Conversations

Supportive Mental Health Conversations

  Why do We Need Supportive Conversations on Mental Health? All of us have mental health and yet, approaching conversations about mental health may feel awkward and uncomfortable. Mental health sits on a continuum similar to physical health, and people can enjoy good mental health or find themselves with mental health issues. Hence, you may […]

May Mental Health Awareness Month

May Mental Health Month

As we welcome the month of May, three events: Mental Health Awareness Month, Women’s Health Month, and Maternal Mental Health Awareness grace the month. A Heapful of Hope embraces the three events with weekly updates and activities to kick off this important month.

Telehealth or Online Counseling Demystified

Telehealth and Online Counseling

What is Telehealth or Online Counseling? While there are various forms of online counseling, we will discuss video-conferencing counseling sessions for the scope of this blog post. When you meet your counselor over a videoconferencing platform such as Google Meet or Zoom, that is a telehealth or online counseling session. Globally, digital literacy is growing, […]