Consultation & Supervision

Trained as a counselor educator and supervisor, Isabelle has been teaching counselling and supervising counselors-in-training for the past seven years in the capacity of a full-time and part-time faculty member in both Singapore and the United States.

EMDR Consultation

Isabelle is an EMDR-certified therapist and a consultant-in-training. She currently provides individual and group EMDR consultations to clinicians who are seeking EMDR certification or simply wish to enhance their EMDR skill set.

If you are interested in providing a higher quality of care for clients under your care and think we may be a good fit, please reach out via the Contact Me form.


Isabelle approaches supervision with encouragement, support, hope, and optimism. She works adeptly with supervisees who are keen on acquiring basic and advanced counselling skills to work effectively with a variety of clients, including children, teens, and adults. With specialized supervisor training in her doctoral program and continued supervisory training, Isabelle applies developmental models of supervision and provides a balanced focus on both the theoretical and practical applications of counselling. Isabelle is a registered clinical member with the Singapore Association of Counselling (SAC) and offers individual, triadic, and group supervision to those who are working towards becoming SAC-registered counselors.




Theory & Application Balanced



Why Choose Me?

Apart from being certified and licensed as a professional clinical mental health counselor with speciality training in EMDR and play therapy, Isabelle keeps her clinical skills sharp through continuing education and receiving her own supervision and consultation. Her identity as a teacher-scholar-practitioner allows her to stay updated on advancements in the field and engage in reflective practice.
National Certified Counselor (USA)
Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor
EMDR-Certified Therapist

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Isabelle Ong Gaffney